Lapyst is a (the first TM) general-purpose omni-programming languageLanguage philosophy, with static/dynamic (wip TM) typing, endless backends (hyper wip TM) including a interpreter, llvm and many more to come!

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Just imagine here is some cute example code <3And you'll love it, or.... you dont get cookies
The lapyst language was created by @mai_lapst in an ongoing attempt to create the most cute, but also powerfull, versatile and overall cool-ass-looking language out there. (or atleast what she's sees as such!) To be blankly honest, it's just an attempt to cram as much features into one thing as catgirly as pawsible :3 If you wanna know more about the philosophy behind the lapyst language, including how the name came to be and so much more, head straight to this page.

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